Black wine box

Black wine box

Oak veneer
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Product : Black wine box
Using MDF w/ Oak veneer, NC finish w/ black stain on the surface, clamshell design, two hinges, a clasp, you can print logo as well.

**The product photos on this website are for design reference only. Please provide detailed customization requirements. All products are  customized and mainly mass production. Any trademarks are not allowed to be resold without authorization.

All logs are imported from New Zealand, the United States or Australia...etc, including maple, oak, walnut, rosewood, pine, beech, araucaria... etc., all legally imported with a certificate of origin.

We provide customized wooden boxes and any wooden products, ex: wood box, wooden box, bamboo box, cigar box, cigarette box, cigarette holder, grinder, jewelry box, watch box, essential oil box, chocolate box, wine box, stationery, gift, pen case....etc.

Excellent quality and reasonable price.